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We provides 8 foot by 2.5 foot tables for rent (per weekend).  Each table comes with 2 chairs and 2 badges (per table) for employees only.  You are expected to provide a table cover and something to cover your table during the night. We do provide 24 hour armed security at each show.  All guns that are to be displayed on your table must be secured with plastic tie. In addition, we recommend that all firearms be cabled with an alarm for your own security. This is for everyone's protection as well as a theft deterrent. 

 Friday vendor setup times for all shows are from 12pm to 7pm. Saturday setup continues from 7am to 9am with the public entering at 9am.  

Vendor will be asked during the show if they would like to reserve table(s) for the next show at that location.

Any remaining tables are sold on a first come, first serve basis starting the following Monday.

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For table reservations and/or questions, please call 772-577-9647 for current availability. Email requests for tables will only be granted after a follow up phone call for confirmation of your reservation.